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MetaloPro was founded out of a love for working with iron. The leisure time tinkering of two friends gradually turned into a successful business. Today we have a team of experienced engineers and craftsmen and work with partners from all over Europe.

Satisfied employees are the foundation for the success of the entire company.

Behind the quality of our work is a team of experienced engineers and craftsmen, which is constantly growing. By combining the skills, knowledge and experience of these unique people, we ensure precision and quality workmanship on every project.

We are committed to making sure that working for us is motivating for everyone. That’s why we are constantly improving our work processes and working environment and providing our employees with training in technological innovations. This ensures that they are always one step ahead of others.

Our production is still evolving

MetaloPro has made it its goal to grow in every aspect. We are educating ourselves, investing in new technologies, streamlining work processes, and promoting production automation.

We value your time and finances. That’s why we rely on modern technologies such as welding robots, CNC bending centers, CNC cutting machines and more to process your order. We also focus on the use of renewable resources. Most of our waste is recyclable, so we strive to make sure it is reused.

Individual services

We approach each project individually to ensure a unique result.

Timely processing

We adhere to predetermined deadlines for production and delivery of the finished contract.

Affordable prices

Thanks to sophisticated production processes and efficient material utilisation, we save you costs.

Production and sales

We are not only a manufacturer but we also develop our own products and have our own marketing team. We sell our products all over the European Union and our product portfolio can be found on different sales channels and with different B2B partners.

Where can you find our products?

Our product portfolio can be found on various European marketplaces, allowing us to serve end customers as well. We work with leading online platforms to ensure that our quality metal products are available to a wide range of customers across Europe.

Our partners

MataloPro has completed a number of successful projects for major business partners in a wide variety of industries, including construction, architecture, interior design, horticulture and food service. Our clients trust us and return to us repeatedly.

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