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Powder coating is a modern and effective method that ensures long-term protection and attractive appearance of your products. This technology uses an electrostatic charge to apply a powder dye which is then cured at high temperatures to produce a hard, durable and uniform surface.

Our production is still evolving

MetaloPro has made it its goal to grow in every aspect. We are educating ourselves, investing in new technologies, streamlining work processes, and promoting production automation.

The finish protects metal products from corrosion and wear, while giving them an aesthetic appearance. Thanks to MetaloPro’s experienced team and innovative technologies, we are able to provide you with a variety of surface treatments quickly, efficiently and at a good price, whether it is a classic metal material or aluminium.

We are experts in powder coating, electroplating and other surface treatments.

We cooperate with renowned suppliers of materials and technologies for surface treatment.

We adapt to your requirements.

What size kiln do you have?

Our powder firing furnace has dimensions of 6,5m x 2m x 2,7m. So even larger products are not a problem for us.

What colours can I choose?

We work with the standard RAL palette, but we can also provide you with various other types of colours that contain different effects or grain, etc.

Can you paint a smaller number of products for me?

We can provide you with surface treatment from one piece.

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